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beatty-HR-21Welcome to my website. Thank you for stopping by. I hope we’ll find something in common and become good friends.

 I think I’ve been writing stories as long as I can remember. My first pen-to-paper attempt came in the 7th grade. My English teacher required a theme paper every Monday and I loved it. Each week he would give us something different to write – a fairy tale, a scary story, a mystery. As they say in the south, I was in High Cotton. I remember writing a teen romance serial for my friends that was full of longing glances and a heavy dose of angst for the  intrepid hero.
Then I grew up, distracted by life and boys – one in particular. Joe Beatty. We dated after high school married and recently celebrated our 45th year together. We have two grown sons, two amazing daughters-in-law and five adorable grandchildren. Are there any other kind?
Joe and I were born and raised in Columbus, Ohio but we moved to Shelton, Connecticut for a short while then down south to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and finally Jackson, Mississippi.
I started writing again when my boys were young. In a household of men, I needed a place to go and hide from all the sports and stuff so the writing became my escape. I had several short stories published, a few news articles, and contributed to a several non-fiction books. When a Silhouette seminar came to town, I decided to attend. I was greatly encouraged and went home and started my first book. Lead With Your Heart was published with Silhouette Special Edition in 1992, followed quickly by Ice Princess – my bestselling book. I had two more books with them before my brief writing career came to screeching halt. Life had tossed our family a curve forcing the writing to the background.
After about five years I realized I missed the writing and decided to give it another try. By this time I’d come to realize I wanted to write for the Christian market. Having published four books I didn’t expect the publishing doors to fly open, but I wasn’t prepared for the long seven year wait before getting published again. Thankfully, the Lord put many talented and supportive people in my path and I signed with agent Joyce Hart of Hartline Literary. Within the first year I’d sold a book to Heartsong Presents. Six months later I sold book #1 of my Dover, Mississippi series to Love Inspired, followed quickly by book #2 and a Christmas novella.
God worked miracles with my first books, using them to display his love and faithfulness during a difficult time. I want my future books to offer hope and encouragement to the readers and showcase how God’s hand can change any circumstance.
In addition to writing I love to read, watch old movies, travel, work in my garden, and spend time with my grandchildren.

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  1. I just finished reading Protecting the Widow’s Heart and I really liked it. I’ve read the other two books in your Home to over series and I really liked them also. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Durrant family and the people of Dover. I’ve been waiting for Tyler’s story since finding out that he had been shot and was in bad shape. When EJ and the Tyster were on the dock fishing and EJ was telling Tyler that what happened to his dad was his fault I had tears in my eyes. I felt so bad for him and thought that no child should carry that kind of quilt especially with how EJ lived with his father’s anger. It was a wonderful story.

    Are there going to be anymore stories in the series or was this the last one since each of the Durannt children’s story has been told? I always hate when a series ends but I also know that they can’t go on forever. I always feel a part of the family and the community in series that I really love. I love the Love Inspired books and enjoy getting them in the mail each month. I look forward to reading more of your books.

  2. I just finished reading “His small-town family” a wonderful story and you definitely brought the characters to life. I couldn’t put the book down, and it was a welcome treat to snowy winter in MA.

  3. Hello there Mrs.Beatty, I really enjoyed the book A Mom for Christmas it sort of reminds me of my child hood in which my mother and father were divorced and it seemed like the only time that my father was around was when he bought a new lady friend to meet me and my sister . and I wished that my father and step mother stilled lived in Bolivar because if they still lived there I could meet you and you are an very inspired lady and I am truelly blest to had the Honor of reading your books

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