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  1. I just finished your book “Protecting the Widow’s Heart.” It was great!!! I was wondering if you will have any more books taking place in Dover?4

    Catherine Simons

    • Hi Catherine. I’m so glad you liked Ty and Ginger’s story. I do have more Dover books coming out. His Small Town Family will be out in November and the next one will out in the spring of next year. After that, I’m hoping to introduce another Dover family after that. I’ll post updates on the web site.

      Thanks again for you kind words.


  2. Lorraine, As I like to save all the books from a series, I would like to know how many books are in your series ;Home To Dover’?

    Thank you, Belle

    • Hi Belle. I’m so glad you enjoy the Dover books. At this point there are 5 books in the series. #5 Bachelor to the Rescue will be out in May of this year. The next group of Dover books will release in November with the first book in a five book series featuring the Montgomery family of Dover. Three brothers and two sisters. The first book will be called Her Christmas Hero.

      Thanks of contacting me and be sure and let me know if you enjoy the other Dover books.

  3. I read your book ‘ Bachelor to the Rescue’ in the Home to Dover series. I must say that I love reading all of your books, and I usually end up with tears in my eyes.
    Chapter 8 really touched home for me. You see, I too am like Lanie. I am loosing my husband to an aggressive form of cancer and I often blame God and everyone else for the pain i am going through, and the doctors who told us less than two years ago, that he would out live me. That prostate cancer, was easy to treat and hardly ever metastasized. Reading the verse she found in the Bible, was an eye opener and I now know that illness is a fact of life and accept whatever happens.
    Thank you so much for your books and for showing me that facts of life are something that only God has control over. Looking forward to reading more of
    your books.

  4. Dear Lorraine, I just got thru reading Bachelor to the Rescue. It was a wonderful book. I kind of wished you would have wrote an epilogue like a year and a half later letting us know how they did. Anyway I loved your book. God Bless you. Peggy Graham.

  5. I am starting to read your Home to Dover Series. So I just read His Small-Town Family, which I thought was the first book. Can you tell me what order the series goes cause I’m seeing on different websites different order of the series.


  6. Just finished reading the 4th book in the Home to Dover series and have enjoyed them immensely. Thank you for such great stories. I really enjoy reading a series. It is almost like you get to know the town and the people.

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